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Why Choose Smarta Water?

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The obvious answer would be that we will save you money and increase your businesses profits.

But by choosing Smarta to guide your venture into the open water market, you can be sure you are being guided by safe hands.

As from April 2017, the competitive water market opens and English businesses are free to swap water companies as they do electricity and gas. Suppliers will for the first time face competition and will be compelled to offer innovative deals in order to create happy customers. Smarta are here to facilitate this transition and search out the best water deal for you.

Our dedicated team of professionals will compare the prices of business water suppliers on your behalf. We will fully asses all quotes along with the legal contract they offer and present you with the best deal for your business.

In addition to this, Smarta will provide your business state of the art water logging equipment which can be installed without disrupting your day to day operation.

What does it do?

This equipment collates and records the flow of water 24/7, then transmits the information to our web-based Utilities Management Monitoring System. This information is updated daily, providing you with up-to-date data, statistics and analysis, all easily accessible from your PC. We use this information to get your business the best suited water deal available.

We also have a system in place which generates an alarm if unusual or unexpected levels of consumption are detected. This will be monitored 24/7 potentially saving you thousands of pounds should a fault occur.

Choosing the right water broker for your business is invaluable. The tailored service we offer will save you money and and increase water efficiency. Let us, the experts, provide you with the resources to make the right decision. We really. are the Smarta choice.

Additional Services

Smarta offers a range of services to manage the procurement of your water.

We have experts on hand 24 hours a day with full and comprehensive knowledge of EU and UK water legislation to guide your business to maximum profitability.

With the retail market opening for all commercial and non-household customers in England, the water business will be fully opened up, enabling businesses to switch suppliers. We are here to assist you in your choice of water supplier, but not only this, we will also manage this supply which should prove cheaper in price with the safety net of the following services:

Water Procurement

  • Our utility management consultants will assess your water consumption against your current water contract and compare it with a range of alternatives for a full market comparison.
  • Advise you of the quotes we have sourced and compare tariffs on your behalf.
  • Make a detailed, legal review of the terms of the contract/s offered.
  • Make sure that your recent bills are a true reflection of the water you are actually using.
  • Decide which products are most suitable for your business and advise you on how to increase efficiency and lower water usage.

Meter Management

Our metering services take care of your new meter connections, meter changeovers, disconnections and logging devices.

We will record your flow of water 24 hours a day on our monitoring system, continually monitoring the data received. You canteen view the information collated on your PC. More importantly, the system sounds an alarm if unusual or unexpected consumption levels are detected. Since our control room is staffed 24/7 action can be taken immediately.

Nearly every customer reports an immediate reduction in cost of water bills through use of our managements services.

Bill management

When your bill arrives, we will examine all charges and identify any over charging from your supplier. We will automatically do this on your behalf and deal with any discrepancies as they arise. This will all be done without any worrying your behalf. We are here to make your life easier.

Along with our specialists in legislative knowledge, we have technical experts on hand to advise you on your new meter connections and the monitoring of your water in the most cost effective way.