Case Studies

Real Client Case Studies

Save on Your Water Bills

Hotel Saves Thousands

After a period of monitoring using Smart's logging device, it was discovered that a hotel was and had been paying the water costs for an adjoining business, who had never received a water bill. The resultant outcome has seen the hotel reduce its water bills by a staggering 83% saving 29K per annum.

Retail Store Case Study

In the Retail Sector water may not be the single highest operational cost to your business, but without effective monitoring and management, water consumption can be very excessive and cost many thousands of pounds per year.

Office bills reduced

Office had been paying £16,000 per annum for their water for the last 2 years. They had invested in numerous environmental and water saving systems which had reduced their bills significantly. After installing a Smarta Logger, leaks were detected, repaired and the water bills have been reduced to less than £9,000 per annum.

Care Home

A large care home has benefited in numerous ways from using Smarta Environment and the Smarta Logging system. Not only have they seen costs reduced from identifying and repairing losses, they have used the systems “benchmarking” capability to improve efficiencies and drive down complacent waste, by measuring one premises against another.

Where Smarta Environment can help you

Manned Water Management Control Room

Our on-site equipment measures the flow of water day and night, then transmits the information to our web-based Utilities Management Monitoring System, providing you with up to the minute info, data, statistics and analysis, all accessible from your PC. More importantly, the system generates an alarm if unusual or unexpected levels of consumption are detected. Our fully manned control room can then take the appropriate action whatever time of day.

You no longer have to worry about your estimated bill being correct or losing thousands of pounds through an undetected fault in your pipes. Our leading technology has control of these things before they can possibly begone an issue.

The importance of a good water brokers has not been tested in the business market until now. Thankfully, Smarta is here to find you the solutions to fit your business needs and save you money through intelligent water supply.