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Why should I switch my energy suppliers?

Most “Utility Switching” sites are now offering to handle commercial contracts. But very few, if any, have the experience of Smarta Energy, and their relationships with the energy suppliers is driven by their domestic supply needs. We have acess to the best deals, because we know how to match your needs to the power companies’ supply processes. We also have a very strong admin team at Smarta Energy supporting our unique software system for managing the tendering process, and handling your renewals.

Why should I use Smarta Energy?

Commercial supply contracts are not like domestic supply ones. This is where many of the domestic utility switching companies fall down. Commercial contracts don’t conform to the same profiles during the application (tender) process, or the management and renewal processes, and Smarta Energy handles this specialised contract management. If you fail to give notice at the correct time, you can fall into what is known as the rollover trap. In a busy commercial environment it’s hard enough managing one supply contract for a single site with one electricity meter, and if you have multiple sites with dozens or even hundreds of electricity and gas meters, it’s almost impossible to keep on top of things.

Who sends me my bills?

Your Gas and Electricity bills will come direct from the energy supplier, at the reduced rates arranged through Smarta Energy.

Why can’t I make a deal directly on my own?

Since deregulation the energy companies have restructured their operations to enable them to co mpete on the supply of gas and electricity in its raw form. They simply don’t have the resources to manage your contracts for you, nor to deal with thousands of enquiries from businesses with literally millions of electricity and gas meters.You might be offered a deal, if you persist, but they have no obligation to tell you that another energy company is cheaper in your area. So you’d have to ring all the power companies to get all the prices, and then start comparing the contract terms. The chances are by the time you’ve done that, the deals you were offered will have changed.

So what does Smarta Energy do?

Smarta Energy automatically issues a tender request to the utility companies offering the best energy deals to suit your usage profile in your area. We receive a quotation in an efficient manner through our automated system which links us directly to our utility company partners.You’ll be presented with the most competitive deals available and offered advice on contract terms. It really could not be more simple.

Who pays Smarta Energy?

Our service is completely free of charge to all our clients signing contracts with us.

What is the rollover trap?

If you fail to give notice at the correct time to your energy supplier, they’ll move you to their standard rates. These are always more expensive, sometimes they are considerably more expensive, and they’ll often be rates you can’t get out of for a substantial period of time. Hence the ‘trap’.

What makes it even harder is that you’ll have different notice periods, falling due on different dates, for different electricity and gas meters. With Smarta Energy managing your contracts, you’ll be reminded at the correct time, and offered new deals that are the best available.


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